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Counterbalance Forklift Trucks

Counterbalance forklift vehicles are the most common form of conventional handling for pallet sized loads.Generally powered by gas (LP gas can be used indoors provided there is adequate ventilation), electric (battery powered usually for in door use) or (diesel generally suited to outdoor use)Avalible with either 3 or 4 wheels; 3 wheeled trucks generally give a smaller turn radius and are more suited to indoor use.

- Wide range of models avalible
- Capacities ranging form 1-15 tonnes
- Minimum aisle width of 3.6m
- Typical vertical reach from 3.75-7.5m
- Avalible in Gas, Diesel and Electric
- Pneumatic or Cushion tire options

Reach Forklift Trucks

Reach trucks operate in narrow aisles, storing and retrieving pallets. Aisle width can be set as low as 2.6m. Generally powered by electric (battery powered for indoor use) and has small polyurethane wheels that work on smooth surfaces. There are two chassis options avalible for heavy duty or lighter options. Avalible in various types including driver stading, driver sitting and driveless.

- Lifting capacity from 1400 to 2500kg
- Can lift upto heights of 11m
- Comfortable work environment
- Generous all-round visibility
- Programmable lifing and lowering speeds
- Fast and simple operation
- Swing Open Cabin

Picker/Selector Forklift Trucks

Order picker/slecteors come in 2 types; either for low level horizontal moving, or a multilevel truck where the operater generally controls the truck from an enclosed cabin and breaks down pallets for slecting goods from any level. Generally powered by electric (battery powered for indoor use) and usually have small polyurethane wheels that work on smooth surfaces.

- Can lift to heights of 7.5m
- Can lift loads of up to 200kg capacity
- Low/Medium/high level order pickers avalible
- Attractive operating console
- Easy service access
- Fully Programmable functions
- Electrical braking
- Electro-magnetic parking brake
- Working aisle width 2.4m

Pallet Trucks

Pallet trucks remain one of th basic unit load handlers. Load capcities reach 2000kg. Trucks can be customised with options such as skid adapters. These are very durable, easy to use and provide increased productivity.

- European Manufacturer
- CE Certified
- 2 Tonne Capacity
- Tandem Load wheels
- Nylon or Rubber Steer Wheels
- 3 Positions Control Lever
- Choice of Sizes
- Proven Durable Design
- Unbeatable Value
- Complete After-Sales Services


Also Known as a VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) Truck. The load handler is designed to rotate through 180 degrees so that the load can be picked up and deposited either side of the narrow aisles. Powered by electric (battery powered for indoor use) and usually have small polyurethane wheels that work on smooth surfaces. These are generally avalible as either man-down or man-up where the driver compartment lifts the load.

- Lifting apacity upto 1200kg
- Lifting Height 12.5m
- Quiet & Comfortable Operation with Generous all-round vivibility
- 3 Stage Mast & Robust Turret Head
- Fully Programmable Functions
- Electro-Magnetic Parking Brakes


The Bendi and Flexi are both articulated for-wheel counterbalance truck with unique aisle efficency, enabling then to work efficentially in even teh most congested areas. With the ability to stack in aisles as small as 1750mm (using a 1200mm wide by 1000m deep pallet) giving a density of storage that exceeds any reach truck. Both the Flexi and the Bendi can replace teh tradional two truck system employed by companies. this system can greatly increase efficency allowing a load to be racked in a single internal and external operation.

- Operates in VNA - as narrow as 1750mm
- Can lift to heights of 11 meters
- Can also lift loads of up to 2000kg capacity
- Indoor and Outdoor use


There are a multitide of differant types of trucks designed to suit a multitude of differant types of environemtns and users. Our Dealer network is designed to make sure that your specific requirements can be met. If you have a special material-handling requirements let our dealers find you the best solution.

- Multi-way reach trucks
- Tow Trucks
- Multipurpose trucks with many attachment options to accommodate all types of material handling requirements

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